Gifts for The Men In Your Life

*The use of term “man/men” in this article is supposed to be inclusive of gender and identification.


There is an old adage “looking for gifts for men is harder than searching for a needle in a haystack”. Well, it isn’t a real proverb, but most of us consider this as a universal truth. May it be from a lack of expression or stoic personalities, looking for holiday presents for men may seem daunting.

The secret is in the personality and the Greeks had it all laid out in their alphabet! (no pun intended) We’re more familiar with Alpha males, but there are other personality types.

Alpha Male Personality. It’s all about machismo! Outgoing and adventurous, men with this personality likes to let their presence known. They walk into the room and you know they’re there.

What to Gift: Classy but flashy.  

Beta Male Personality. Collaborative team players are in this category. They shine brightest in lending a hand. Though they are introverted, they don’t shy away from helping others. Betas are sensitive to the needs of the people around them.

What to Gift: Plain and pleasing.

Omega Male Personality. The nerdy collectors fall in this category. Eccentric and surely a stand out, Omegas don’t really care much about coordinating their fashion. What’s important to this crowd is the expression of their unique personalities!

What to Gift: Colorful and comfy.

Gamma Male Personality. Always looking for an adrenaline rush? Then they fall under this personality type. Adventure runs in their blood and fun is their middle name! Not a single dull moment with them.

What to Gift: Durable and fun.

Delta Male Personality. Quiet and reserved, Deltas seem to be always in their own world. They have this “don’t care” attitude and it translates to an incognito way of life. They love to daydream and they’re often perceived as loners.

What to Gift: Safe and neutral.

Whatever personality type, we’re sure they will love your well-thought gifts because it would always be the thought that counts! Go ahead and checkout your carts now!